Friday, July 23, 2010

You're More Than Just A Face

Yes, you are more than just a face girls. But I'll move quickly on from the obvious to my point.

You also have a body and it's a little miffed at the way most of us ignore it when it comes to makeup.

* Goddess Fact * If you're preparing for a special occasion and have skin exposed anywhere, it too needs to be made up in some way.

The first area to lavish attention on is your neck and decollatage. Check to see that your foundation blends well with the colour here, particularly if you've had a faux tan. If you've ever noticed yourself looking a little pale faced in a photo - your foundation colour needs more depth **HINT add a sweep of bronzer to your temples, outer cheek bones and chin too**

You've probably noticed how celebrities and models have glowing skin from head to toe? Glowing skin comes from good health but also from products that are designed to reflect light and there's fantastic artificial light at nigh to benefit from. Apply a light shimmer dust or cream to highlight areas including shoulders, collarbones, and arms and legs. Instant radiance just like my model Rachelle! (photo courtesy of

To achieve this look, try Natio Body Gloss, Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Body Gloss, MAC 'To The Beach Lustre Drops' or 'To The Beach Bronze Body Oil'. You don't necessarily have to be faux tanned either though a beautiful light tan does lift a pale winter skin and add instant glow.
Stay Fabulous ;)