Makeup As Art and IMATS Sydney 2010

After seeing various manifestations of makeup at the International Makeup Artists Trade Show (IMATS) in Sydney recently, I felt inspired by the many different genres on show. Australian and international experts in special FX and prosthetics showcased injuries and creatures from other worlds while other artists used bodies as canvases to create incredibly detailed art.

As a makeup artist whose working week consists primarily of beauty, bridal and special occasion looks, I am reminded of the importance of keeping alive both creative expression and artistic development.

I used to say "but I just like doing beautiful, wearable makeup". But after getting a firm shove out of my comfort zone during formal makeup studies by having to produce more creative looks, I realised makeup artists that push themselves creatively develop confidence, skill and bravery – something every good makeup artist needs.

IMATS is not just for the professional makeup artist, it’s open to everyone. This year it was held 18/19 September in Sydney and well worth the airfare if you’re interstate. Keep your eye on the website for next year’s event to be held 24/25 September. It’s been running internationally for 13 years and is produced by the internationally acclaimed industry magazine Makeup Mag

This year I competed in the beauty/fantasy themed competition ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Although I didn’t place I was very happy with my achievement of reaching the finals. The winner, the lovely Caitlin Betts was well deserved and at just 20 has a great career ahead of her. It proved to me again that pushing personal boundaries always results in growth (and I admit some sleepless nights) and I look forward to finding ways to encourage others to participate in future shows.

Special thanks for Vicky at for designing my costume

and Tara my fabulous model. Also credit to and john weston photography for the images.


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    1. I'm a little embarrassed. It's nearly 2 years since you posted this and I apologise. I hope in the meantime you've had a chance to visit IMATS. This year (2013) it's planned for 21/22 September in Sydney.


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