A Little Splash Of Colour - Worried?

I often wonder why makeup houses release splashes of colour into their new season ranges without instructions...
As a makeup artist I love colour because it provides me with inspiration. However for the average makeup user, it seems those pretty coloured pots appear like delicatable lollies - pretty to look at but you're probably worried that they're not so good for you, right?

Well, I'm here to encourage you to sample and sample some more. Whether you're 16 or 116, you can enjoy the delights of colour.

My makeup lessons always have an easy to understand session on colour technique - especially for eyes. I recommend four simple techniques for colour confidence with eyeshadow. The first of these is one we all know - browns/neutrals suit everyone. But imagine if that's what our wardrobe consisted of. No people - I will not stand for it, I won't!

So as a guide to get you thinking, have a good look at your iris - and I mean a really good look. There's so much more than brown, hazel, blue or green. I challenge you to find at least three colours in there. And this is where the magic of techniques two to four start.

If you just take one of those colours that you see (and brown, blue, green does not count) and add it to your usual base of neutrals you'll find technique two - a soft compliment to your eye colour. You might see lime or gold or rich caramel or milky blue. Have a look at the makeup on Julia above and let me know how you go.

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  1. Amazing post . I have tagged you for the award http://exquisitemakeup.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/liebster-award.html Please check it out :)

  2. HI Jessica. As you can see, I far from a prolific blogger :0,
    I apologise for not seeing your post. Let's hope I improve in this area. I hope you're enjoying your blogging and your makeup. Ali x


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