Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Spreading Our Wings To Guatemala 's Non Magazine

This beautiful collaborative shoot by Mary Parker Photography, featuring styling by Bridget from Dapper Zorse, model Kylie Board and hair & makeup by yours truely, was picked up this month by Guatelmalan online magazine, Non Magazine.It's a gorgeous publication.

I loved this shoot because it captures Mary's style perfectly - beautiful, dreamy and feminine. It was the first time I used my new volumising crimper too. I picked this up from the Sharon Blain Hair Bootcamp recently and had all hands on deck, including Mary's, getting hair crimped before our lighting disappeared.

Kylie proved a tough and courageous model, braving the Herrison Island mosquitos. A passing german tourist had repellent thankfully, so bites were limited to 100 or so!

Bridget from Dapper Zorse did a beautiful job styling this shoot as usual. Though we did loose her while she went off to search for a glove. Someone should invent a 4WD clothes rack for her.

Enjoy the images. xx

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