New Beginnings, Change and Serendipity

Change is good for us right?

Those of you that know me will have seen me move homes, states, jobs more times than could be considered humanly possible. For those that don't know me, you may be slightly curious about the back story.

The simple truth is it's just the life I seem to have chosen. I much rather not fill in another Australia Post Mail Re-direction Form - but whether it's been to take up a travel or job opportunity or to support my husband's career - that's the life I lead. 

And as for change? Well, I can say that although I've resisted it intensely at times, change has made me resourceful, resilient and more courageous than I otherwise would be.

The segue into all things makeup is that my Bio would look distinctly different and my skill set far less rounded than it is today.

Just days into settling into my new home of Canberra and I'm delighted to say that I've reconnected with an inspirational woman, Amanda Whitely from my last stint here 4 years ago. Amanda was responsible for the look and feel of my current website and her advise and guidance then, has helped steer my career for the past 4 years in Perth. 

Soon after I arrived in Perth I was provided amazing opportunities and I am eternally grateful. In particular to the incredible talent such as Emma Bergmeier-Varian and past members of All Of The Above Creative, Barbara MordiniNicole FordeNola PearceHendra WidjajaKristen AshtonTamzin Mulder, Rebecca Collins, Narcisa Music, Megan Osler and Christine Kopti.

The lack of blog content in the past 4 years? Well, re-establishing a business is damn hard work, but as I sit here on my balcony in Canberra I'm thankful for the life-education that constant Change has given me and I'm excited- and yes, a little anxious - about the next phase.

And so to get back to Amanda. Swings and roundabouts has, to my sheer delight, landed me in the lap of Amanda again. Amanda is well know in Canberra circles as the founder of HerCanberra. In Amanda's words, 'At HerCanberra we live and love local. Our website is designed to connect women (and blokes) with their city and each other.'

Exciting things are afoot for HerCanberra and I'm looking forward to giving back to Amanda all that the past four years have taught me.

Final shift at Channel 7 Perth with Paula